Roll To Seduce

A Roll for Love Short Story


“How do you feel about a sexy cosplay shoot?”

I looked up at Edward from my place at our dining room table, where I’d been sketching out a few ideas for a new client on my tablet. He was pouring red wine into a Bolognese sauce, his loose, white shirt sleeves rolled up and his hair falling around his shoulders in waves, throwing words at me over the low bar between the rooms, that doubled as a wine rack, while he cooked. I loved seeing him like this—it was almost intimate, especially considering I was one of the only people who got to see him in such a relaxed, half-dressed state.

“Define ‘sexy cosplay shoot’?” I said, unable to stop myself from grinning. “Are we talking casually sexy and suggestive, or full on MyFans level of smutty?”

“Are you saying you’d be down for either?” He smiled mischievously over his shoulder at me. “Because I wasn’t suggested we go to full-on pornography, but I wouldn’t be opposed to it.”

“Of course you wouldn’t,” I said teasingly. “Slut.”

“Only for you, darling.” He turned back to the hob but continued talking. “I was thinking of doing a sliding scale—starting sexy and suggestive but then getting a little smuttier, depending on what you’re comfortable with. I’ve seen a few people doing them and they look fun. But no, I wasn’t suggesting we fuck on camera.”

I thought for a minute, turning the idea over in my mind. “Who would it be for? Just us? The fans? Did you want to sell them?” I knew the sort of thing that Edward was talking about. I’d also seen quite a few cosplayers doing them, both individually and in couples, and some of them were really hot. You didn’t have to do nudes to make them sexy, especially if you picked the right ship dynamic. And some fans got ridiculously excited seeing their favourite ships in more suggestive and steamy interactions. I mean, there was a reason that smutty fanart did so well.

“I mean, I was thinking we could sell them. The MyFans model does work quite well for that, with people paying to download sets, mostly the sexier ones. But we can always take some that are just for us. If you’re up for it, I’ll ask Bastian if he can recommend a good photographer.”

I stood and walked into the kitchen, wrapping one arm around his waist, using the other hand to brush his hair across one shoulder, exposing his neck so I could press kisses to the soft skin there. “I think it sounds fun. Do you have a ship in mind?”

“I do,” he said, relaxing against me and then tilting his head so he could beg for a kiss. “One that’s absolutely perfect for us.”

“Let’s do it then.”


Several months later, I found myself in a very warm, softly lit studio in Birmingham, watching Edward help the photographer by the final touches to the set while I finished pulling on my boots.

The photographer’s name was Luna, and she was an award-winning pin-up and boudoir photographer, who did cosplay photography on the side, and also as part of the packages she offered to clients. Although that was mostly sexy Disney princesses and pop-culture icons, instead of what we were aiming for. Bas had recommended her, and although I’d been hesitant at first, Luna’s unfailing enthusiasm and the way she’d starting spouting ideas at us within the first five minutes of the introductory Skype call we’d had with her, had put my mind at ease. The studio was hers, and we’d been happy to travel. She’d also bought in one of her make-up artists to help us prepare, and it had been nice to have someone who actually knew what they were doing help me get ready. Especially because studio photography apparently required a lot more makeup than I’d realised.

I’d done a couple of photoshoots before, but nothing like this. Edward had been surprisingly sweet about my nerves though, repeatedly hinting that I’d been far too distracted to be nervous. Seeing him dressed now, in a loose white shirt, black and gold frock coat that was simpler than his own, personal one, and skin-tight black trousers, I realised I would be, regardless of what he did. And knowing Edward, he already had some devious tricks in mind.

In terms of characters, we’d gone for Trevor Belmont and Alucard from the Netflix series version of Castlevania. They were snarky assholes to each other all the fucking time, and I could totally see them having copious amounts of hate sex between all the monster hunting. It made me laugh because when Edward and I had watched the series together, we’d still been in our ‘pretending we’re just fucking so we don’t have to examine our feelings’ phase of our relationship and the similarities between us and them had been obvious.

Edward had painstakingly recreated Trevor’s costume for me, and I’d tried not to think about the number of times I’d been prodded and poked with pins over the past eight weeks. After this, I was going to find him a new project to work on. One that didn’t involve me getting grumbled at.

“Are you ready, darling?” Edward asked, reappearing from the studio floor where he’d been talking to Luna about the shoot background and layout.

“Yeah, just about.” I tugged at the leather vambrace on my right arm, making sure it was firmly in place. Edward had at least allowed me to do the leather work and make some of the weapons, which had been fun. “Did you choose a layout?”

“Yes.” Edward gave me a sly grin. “We were going to do two or three. Luna says it’s better to do them in short bursts, because it will be quite intense and require a lot of focus.”

I nodded. “That sounds good. I’m not up for posing for hours.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. And her assistant already brought through several glasses of juice for us—she put little pieces of fruit and an umbrella in them too.”

“Fancy. Shame they don’t have vodka in.” I chuckled.

“Sadly not,” Edward said. “I declined the cocktails because you know what we’re like when we’re even the tiniest bit tipsy, and that’s not acceptable in a public venue.”

“This isn’t public.” He was right though. It didn’t take much to make both of us very handsy, and Luna probably wouldn’t appreciate us sneaking into one of the dressing rooms to fuck.

Edward leant in close and whispered. “Maybe it you’re very good, I’ll give you a hand job while we’re driving home. As long as you promise not to crash the car.”

“Maybe we should wait until we get home,” I said, putting my arm out and pulling him close for a deep kiss that promised so many good things. “I’ll make it worth your while.”

“You better. Or I’ll be very upset.” Edward sighed as he melted against me. “I’ll be a horrible, terrible person all week.”

“What’s new?” I asked with a grin. Edward raised his eyebrow and gently patted my chest.

“Don’t be rude.”

“Never stopped you before.”

Edward opened his mouth to respond, but he didn’t get far because Luna appeared through the studio door. She was wearing colourfully patterned leggings and a vest top with the studio’s name across the chest, with her long hair pulled back into a ponytail. I got the feeling she was going to be considerably more comfortable than I was. I was roasting already and we hadn’t even set foot under the studio lights.

“Shall we get started” she asked. “I’m ready when you are?”

“That sounds marvellous,” Edward said, turning away from me and beginning to chat rapidly to Luna, but not before shooting me a look that said this wasn’t over. I grinned to myself, because a riled-up Edward, was a fun Edward.

I followed Edward and Luna into the studio, where a wall area had been cleared and had some lights set up around it. I guessed we were starting there. Luna’s camera was resting on a nearby table, and she picked it up while Edward beckoned me towards him.

“I thought we could start with a wall,” he said, using that soft, dangerous tone that always meant trouble. “You know; one of us backing the other up against it, lots of tension, flirting, angry eyes…”

“So, you want to recreate the start of our relationship?” I teased. “Just without the toilets.”

Edward laughed and put his hand out to grip one of the leather straps that crossed my chest, steering me into place. I was happy to let him put me against the wall. At least to start with.

I heard the click of Luna’s camera and turned to look at her. “Ignore me,” she said. “I’m just checking the lighting.” She frowned at the screen, then walked over to one of the lights to adjust its positioning. “I know you’ll be looking at each other, but that light,”—she pointed at the one nearest the wall—“is for your faces, so I need you to keep that in mind and look more towards that. Don’t turn away from it and don’t look at me.”

I looked at Edward and grinned. “Just so you know, I’m melting already. This costume is a bastard.”

“You look very sexy, so don’t touch it,” he said, straightening one of my straps. “At least not yet.”

“Yet?” I raised an eyebrow. “I thought we weren’t making porn?”

“Don’t be facetious.” Edward pushed me further up against the wall, and I couldn’t stop my fucking dick from twitching. “You and I both know there’s a huge gulf between fully dressed and porn. But we did say we’d do some more sexy shots, and Luna is very good with making people look gorgeous while in some state of undress.”

“Don’t worry,” Luna said. “I’ve seen it all. And you won’t be getting naked. Maybe just shirtless… with open trousers. But only if you’re comfortable with it.”   

“I’m fine, but thanks for checking.”

“Anytime.” Luna beamed at us. “Okay, let’s get started.”


Despite my initial nerves, my reservations soon melted away under the heat of the studio lights and the intensity of Edward’s gaze.

We started up against the wall, with both of us taking a turn to crowd the other against the brickwork. The hardest part wasn’t not looking at Luna or making sure my face was well lit, it was trying not to kiss the smug, charming smile off Edward’s face. At one point he reached out to run a finger down my jaw, a wicked glint in his eyes, and my cock throbbed.

It was going to be really fucking difficult not to get a massive hard-on in the middle of the studio if Edward kept that up.

Fortunately for me, Luna called that she’d got the shots two seconds later and I was relieved of my torment. I grabbed one of the tall glasses of juice, desperately hoping the cool liquid would do something the quell the raging inferno burning inside me.

Two glasses of juice did nothing, and Edward didn’t help by sipping his through a straw and giving me fuck-me eyes.

Smug bastard.

I put the glass down and helped Luna to carry a large, red chaise lounge onto the set, in front of a huge, white backdrop.

“I’ll photoshop a background in for you,” Luna said as she began to carry the lights around. “Usually, I use this set-up for boudoir shots, but I think it’ll work nicely for you.” She grinned at me. “I just won’t use the sexy bedroom background I’ve got. I don’t think it’s quite the aesthetic you’re going for.”

I laughed. “I think it kinda is, just more of a grungy fantasy version.”

“Darling,” Edward said, sauntering up behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist. “How do you feel about losing a layer?”

I turned and realised he’d already removed his coat and boots and was now barefoot. His shirt was already quite low cut, but he’d adjusted the way that it sat so he looked rumpled and fuckable.

“Sure. What shall I start with?”

While Luna finished the lighting, I followed Edward’s directions and removed the light armour across my chest and shoulders, and the wide leather belt and long tunic around my waist, leaving my in a beige shirt, vambraces, trousers and boots. I hadn’t realised we were stood in front of the background until I heard the click of the camera. I glanced at Luna and saw her lowering the camera.

“It’s sweet watching him undress you,” she said, gesturing at Edward with the camera. He’d been unbuckling the belt. “It’s almost intimate.”

Edward didn’t say anything but I noticed the flush across his nose. I cupped his chin with my hand and drew his mouth towards mine, kissing him softly. His fingers fisted in the front of my shirt, and when we broke apart I realised he’d undone a couple of buttons.

I chuckled and kissed him again. “You’re a menace, but I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Since the set-up was finished, we moved across to the chaise lounge. I sat on it with my back in the corner, with one thigh resting on the cushion so my legs were slightly spread. It wasn’t the most comfortable position in the world, but it looked good so I had to suck it up.

Edward lay on next to me, with his head on my thigh, looking up at me softly. I brushed the hair out of his face as I let myself drink in every single detail of his face, as if it was the first time I was seeing it. I’d never get over how beautiful this man was, or that he was mine. It didn’t seem possible that I could get so lucky.

Edward smiled at me, and I leant down. It was awkward and I couldn’t quite reach him. He chuckled softly and rolled over, and I sat up again to avoid being clunked in the jaw. Edward crawled towards me and into my lap, gazing down at me with love and lust. I smirked and pushed his hair over his shoulder, still vaguely conscious of the fact that Luna was flitting around us.

I wrapped my hands around Edward’s waist, bringing him closer to me until I could feel his dick against mine. My grin widened as I realised I wasn’t the only one struggling not to get hard.

“You look good in my lap,” I whispered, tilting my head so my words ghosted over Edward’s ear. He shivered and his hips twitched in my hand as he fought the urge to grind against me. “Maybe if you’re lucky later, I’ll let you ride me.” My hand slid around to squeeze his ass, and Edward’s eyes closed as he bit his lip.

I hoped Luna had gotten a shot of his face, but that would be one I kept for myself. I wasn’t going let the rest of the world see Edward falling apart like this.

“Take off your vambraces,” Edward said quietly, as if he was trying to gather his thoughts and cling to a veneer of professionalism. “And unbutton your shirt.”

“Only if you lose yours too.”

“Deal. But you first.” He reached for the first of the vambraces, unlaced the underside and slid it off, before repeating it with the second. Then he reached for the shirt and began to slowly pop the buttons, exposing my chest. He let out a tiny groan and traced his finger down it.

“Later,” I said, feeling his erection starting to dig into mine. “If we fuck here, I don’t think we’ll ever be allowed back.”

“And Bastian will be very upset,” Edward said. “I promised Lewis we’d be good as well, and he’s been rather stressed lately so I don’t want to add to that.”

“I don’t either.” Lewis did enough for us, and despite the burning need coursing through my veins, Edward and I weren’t about to ruin our reputations by being dickheads. We could wait. It would make the release so much sweeter.

I reached for Edward’s shirt, pulling it over his head and dumping it on the floor next to us. He looked beautiful under the lights. I traced my fingers across the long, red scar that Alucard had across his chest and abdomen, inflicted by his father, Dracula.

My other hand slid around his neck, drawing him down to me. I paused, holding him inches away from me so it looked like we were fighting against the urge to kiss. Which, in all honesty, we were.

It didn’t last long. Our mouths met in a heated, demanding kiss with the heat of a furnace. I squeezed Edward’s ass with one hand, while keeping the other on his neck. He had one against my chest, teasing my nipple as the other trailed south to pop open my trousers. We were starting to get very close to indecent but I was really struggling to care.

We should have fucked before we left this morning just to get rid of some of the excess tension but seeing Edward like this made me wonder whether it would have made a difference.

“Okay,” Luna called, breaking the moment with perfect timing. “I think we’ve got it.”

Edward and I broke apart, and it was hard to miss the way that Edward’s chest was heaving. “Thank you,” he said. His voice was hoarse and breathless, and my cock throbbed again, because that voice usually came with me filling Edward’s mouth with my dick.

“Do you need a minute?” Luna asked, and Edward shook his head as he scooted backwards off my lap.

“I’ll be fine, but thank you.” He smiled and I realised that Edward had gone back into full professional mode. I wanted to curse and grumble, because I really needed to get off, but I knew Edward’s actions were the right ones.

By the time I’d collected myself and climbed off the chaise lounge, Edward and Luna were sipping juice and talking about shots, timings, payment, and things like that. Edward had always been the master of switching between desperate and needy, and a consummate professional. It had been an easy habit to develop when we only had ten minutes in an accessible toilet to exchange sloppy blowjobs before a shoot or a costume walk.

“Thank you,” I said, as we began to pack up to head home. “That was great.”

“You two were amazing,” Luna said. “You were great to shoot, and you have so much chemistry. Come back and see me again, okay?”

“We will. And if you have any characters you want to see, I’ll consider requests.”

“Don’t tempt me.” Luna smiled and reached out to give me a hug. “Or you’ll have a list as long as your arm.”

It didn’t take us long to pack up our stuff, since Edward and I decided not to get changed. I debated dragging Edward into one of the little changing rooms and sucking him off, but I didn’t out of respect for Luna. Plus I knew there was no way we’d be able to keep quiet.

The drive home was a nightmare, especially because it was pissing it down and packed so I had to concentrate on the road instead of letting Edward jack me off. Although he did rub his hand over my thigh and cock whenever it wasn’t dangerous, which just made everything worse. I was so fucking pent up I thought I was going to explode.

And as soon as we got home, I did.

The front door had barely closed before I was pushing Edward up against the hall wall, my hand snaking towards his dick as I claimed his mouth in a hungry kiss. Edward moaned, sliding his tongue between my lips as he ripped the front of my shirt open, sending the buttons flying. I’d have protested, but I didn’t actually care.

Yanking the button on his jeans open, I groaned as I realised that Edward was wearing a pair of tiny, lace panties that were stretched over his erection. I pulled away and looked down to see his cock straining obscenely against its prison, pre-cum soaking into the lace.

“Fuck,” I said, running my thumb across the material. “You look so fucking pretty in these.”

I sank to my knees on the hardwood floor, pulling Edward’s jeans down far enough to give me better access. He gasped, fingers tangling in my hair as I flicked my tongue across the lace.

“More. I want more.” He moaned as I sucked the head of his cock, relishing the salty-sweet taste of him. I was tempted to draw this out, to tease him and make him beg. But I didn’t have the fucking patience for that. I dragged his panties over his erection, barely letting it spring free before I wrapped my mouth around him.

“Fuck! Izzy!” Edward cried out and thrust his hips forward, sinking his cock deeper into my throat. I pulled back slightly, because I wanted to enjoy this, not choke to death. “Sorry,” Edward added. “I just… fuck!”

I grinned as I swallowed his cock again, using every trick in my little black book of Edward to make him come hard and fast. My hand reached for my own trousers, grabbing my aching cock, and matching the pace of my mouth. Slow, teasing orgasms could come later, right now I was desperate for release.

My other hand reached for the base of Edward’s shaft as I flicked my tongue across his slit. The slick heat of my mouth and the tight grip of my fist brought him closer to the edge with every move. Edward’s breath caught, and high, desperate whines escaped his lips as his fingers tightened in my hair. I knew he was close.

“Izzy… I, I… I’m going to…” He gasped, his cock thickening in my mouth before shooting his release across my tongue. I groaned, swallowing every drop, and tightening my grip on my dick. The friction was too dry and too much, but I didn’t stop because I was so fucking close. With a muffled grunt around Edward’s softening dick, I spilled cum across my fingers and onto the floor.

Slowly, I released Edward’s cock, pressing a final kiss to the tip before looking up at him. He was leaning against the wall, eyes half closed with a blissful smile across his face.

“Happy?” I asked, wiping my hand on my shirt. It would need a wash and mending anyway.

“Very.” Edward looked down at me. “That was perfect.”

I climbed to my feet and let out a pained groan. “Fucking hardwood floor,” I said. Edward chuckled.

“Don’t worry darling, I’ll make it up to you later.” He leant forward and kissed me softly. “But first, shower then food. And then I’m going to fuck your brains out.”

“Sounds perfect.” Edward reached for my hand and pulled me towards the stairs. I followed him willingly. “By the way, did Luna say when we’d get the photos?”

“About three weeks,” Edward said. “I can’t wait to see what she does with them.”


We posted the first photo two days after we’d received them from Luna. We decided to start with something tame, just me pushing Edward up against the wall.

I didn’t think I’d ever seen a fandom meltdown like it. I’d never seen Edward so gleeful either, especially after he posted the second. Which was considerably less tame.

“You know, darling,” he said, one night after I’d forcefully removed his phone, handcuffed him to the bed and edged him for an hour to distract him, “we should do more photoshoots like that one. It was fun.”

“You just like tormenting people on Twitter with thirst traps.”

“This is true.” He chuckled, snuggling deeper into my arms. “But I get to do it with you, and that makes it infinitely more fun.” He tilted his head up to look at me and beg for a kiss. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” I kissed him gently, loving the way he let out a little happy sigh of contentment. I knew I’d do whatever he wanted. I’d never been able to resist.

“So,” Edward said, and I could hear the quiet delight in his voice. “Who shall we do next?”

The End.