Proficiency Bonus is HERE!

What do you do when the TV show you happen to be starring in gets cancelled, and  your is character pigeonholed into a homophobic ending?

Rage? Cry? Or team up with the adorable pink-haired PA you met at Comic Con to fight for the perfect happily ever after?

Well now you can find out because Lewis and Jason are now LIVE on Kindle and KU!

Complete with plushies, Pokémon, Bear based RPG adventures (the animal kind), teeny tiny booty shorts and a host of familiar faces from across the Roll for Love series.

It’s my ultimate love letter to fix-its, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Organising yourself is harder than it looks—Lewis may be a highly proficient PA for two very successful cosplayers, but that means nothing when you’re living at your parent’s house after yet another failed relationship and trying to find some stable ground.

Jason Lu, star of Celestials, is stuck between a rock and a hard place. When the show is cancelled and his character pigeonholed into a homophobic ending, Jason must choose whether to fall in line or break ranks. But one misstep will mean bumping heads with some powerful people.

Teaming up with the very cute guy he met at Comic Con seems like a natural first step and now Lewis and Jason must choose between heartbreak and justice. As they forge ahead, they realise there are no bonuses for navigating life’s challenges, instead they’ll just have to fight for what they believe in.

But sometimes overcoming the biggest hurdles yields the best results.

Proficiency Bonus is a 79,000-word contemporary MM romance featuring plushies, Pokémon, and a fight for the perfect ending. It is book three in the Roll for Love series and can be read as a standalone.

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“I was so excited about reading Lewis’ story, and this book didn’t let me down. Add in the sexy Jason Lu and I was hooked. I love this entire series–five stars for each one. This is the third in a strong sexy romantic series, and I recommend this for anyone looking for a wonderful love story. If you haven’t started this series yet, I highly recommend that you do.”


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Proficiency Bonus, Roll for Love Book 3, is now available on Kindle and KU!