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The Roll for Love Short Story Collection

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What happens after the end of the story?

The Roll for Love short story collection brings together two previously published shorts from Charlie Novak’s Roll for Love world, along with two brand new ones.

Choose Your Character
Jay and Leo are so exhausted from keeping up with work that they’ve barely spent any time together. Edward decides to remedy the problem with an unusual gift. 
Best read after Natural Twenty.

Roll To Seduce
When Edward suggests a sexy, cosplay photoshoot, Izzy isn’t sure what his mischievous other half has in mind until he realises that Edward is determined to cause a fandom meltdown. And he knows just the characters to do it.
Best read after Charisma Check.

A Wild Henry Appears
It’s two weeks before San Diego Comic Con, and Jason and Lewis are expecting a nice weekend to themselves. Until the phone rings and Jason’s brother, Henry, announces he’s coming to visit. And he’ll be there in an hour…
Best read after Proficiency Bonus.

And They Lived Happily Ever After
It’s time to celebrate Leo and Jay’s long expected wedding. There’s awkward first dances, plenty of cake, and a surprise set from a sassy drag queen.
Best read last.

All these stories contain the character’s happily ever afters and spoilers for each novel. This collection is not intended to be read as a standalone.  

Available now on Kindle and KU.