One More Night

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Jack Griffin would be very happy if he never saw Harry Spencer again. 

Except that’s not really possible when Harry turns up at his pub and Jack feels the all-too-familiar pangs of attraction. As his resolve crumbles, he finds himself agreeing to Harry’s proposition: Be his boyfriend for three days.

With his sister getting married, the pressure’s on Harry to turn up with a suitable partner. Someone rich. Someone from society. Someone who isn’t an ex-hookup named Jack… 

But Jack’s not afraid of a little Spencer family frostiness if it means protecting Harry. After all, you can’t fall in love with someone in just three days. 

Unless you never stopped loving them to begin with. 

One More Night is a standalone 13,000 word contemporary gay romance short story. It’s full of fluff, sass, bad eighties cop shows and a corgi called Toast.

One More Night is available now on Kindle and KU.

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