Valentine’s Flash Fic: A Jealous Kiss

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

To celebrate here’s a little flash fiction story, themed around the idea of ‘A Jealous Kiss’. I actually wrote this last year as a piece of fanfiction and I loved it so much, that I couldn’t resist tweaking it and sharing it with you!

“Hey there handsome, can I get you anything special?”

It’s the weekend of valentine’s day, and the cocktail bar is dimly lit and full of small groups and couples enjoying an evening out. It’s not really Tyler’s sort of place, with its plush booths and artsy lighting and stylish bar, but Jace has been dying to try it out and Tyler couldn’t face saying no. There isn’t currently a queue at the bar, and Jace is now leaning against it, chatting to a young man in a fitted, black staff shirt.

“Oh, I’m not sure, I haven’t looked at the menu yet,” replies Jace, to the barman’s sweet tones, picking up the smart looking menu booklet and starting to thumb through it.

“Not a problem,” the barman answers, his tone making Tyler’s skin crawl. “What sort of thing do you like?” He’s got dark hair, that’s been swept into some sort of fancy ass style and an easy, flirty smile and all of that would be fine, if he didn’t look like he wanted to eat Jace alive. Not that Jace has noticed, he’s adorably oblivious. Instead he’s smiling sweetly and openly, utterly captivated by the man’s careful attention. He probably thinks the guy is just being friendly. Too friendly in Tyler’s opinion.

The barman’s name tag reads Niall. Tyler vows instant death and destruction to him.

“Well, I like vodka based drinks,” Jace says, pausing to look a Niall’s carefully fashioned smile.  

“How about Baileys?” Niall asks, leaning across the bar and flashing stupidly white teeth.

“Oh, yes. That’s nice too.”

“Hmmm, and what about something creamy?” Niall adds, definitely giving Jace the once over as he adds, “you look like the sort of person who like sweet, creamy drinks.”

Jace blushes. Tyler swears internally. He’s being utterly cut out here by some irritating twinky barboy.

“That sounds delicious.”

“Perfect, I’ve got just the thing for you!” With a wink, Niall starts pulling bottles down and begins mixing things in a silver cocktail shaker. He chats easily with Jace, who starts telling him about the Italian place they went for dinner and about how delicious the food was.

“That’s the Italian place just round the corner right? Sexy Mama?”

“Yes, the ravioli was so good! So were the profiteroles I had for dessert,” Jace smiles, turning to look at Tyler as if to encourage him into the conversation. “Don’t you think so Tyler?”

“It was pretty good,” Tyler adds, not really thinking but more planning the destruction of Niall, who turns to look at Tyler for the first time, giving him an appraising look. Tyler draws himself up to his full height and goes to put a hand in the small of Jace’s back. Only his boyfriend has moved slightly down the bar, where the accursed Niall is now pouring out his drink.

He slides the thick, creamy looking drink across the bar and leans in close to Jace. “This is a Screaming Orgasm,” he says, soft and seductive, clearly pulling his best moves out of the bag. Jace blushes again. “Taste it for me? I want to know what you think.”

Jace takes a sip through the straw, closing his eyes as he swallows, a tiny moan of happiness escaping his lips. “That’s delicious.”

“I thought you’d like it,” Niall says. “They’re my specialty. Let me know if I can get you another one. Or maybe, a real one.” He adds a final wink as Tyler steps up to the bar.

“If you’re quite finished, I’d like a whiskey sour,” he snaps, noting the eye roll from barboy. “Why don’t you go find us a booth,” he adds, turning to Jace with a soft smile, “I’ll pay for these.”

Once he gets his drink, from a much sulkier Niall, he joins Jace in a plush booth on the other side of the room. The seats are soft and offer a perfect view of the bar, plus with the added bonus of being able to snuggle in right next to his boyfriend.

Tyler slides up to Jace, putting an arm around his waist and pulling him close. Jace, however, doesn’t seem particularly impressed – rolling his eyes and shooting Tyler a look that suggests Tyler is in trouble. He’s not quite sure why though.

“Why were you so rude to the barman? He was just being friendly,” Jace asks, a cold edge to his tone as he sips the drink Niall made him.

“Jace, he wasn’t being friendly, he was flirting with you. A lot.”

“No he wasn’t, he just asked what drink I wanted, helped me choose one, asked about dinner, gave me a screaming…” Jace’s voice trails off and he does the mental maths, and even under the low lights Tyler can see an adorable flush spreading across his face.

“Oh,” Jace puts the drink down, pushing it away and looking down at his hands. “I’m sorry.”

Tyler smiles, lifting Jace’s face up and looking deep into his beautiful dark eyes. “Don’t be sorry, not your fault he’s a dick.” He leans in close, a little smirk on his lips. “Not your fault your so goddamn gorgeous.”

“Not my fault either, that my boyfriend gets jealous,” Jace smirks, tapping Tyler on the nose like a cat.

“Hey! I’m not jealous!” Jace rolls his eyes again, and Tyler grins. “Well… maybe just a little.” He leans in and pulls Jace into a fierce kiss. He can taste the creamy tang of Baileys and Kahlua on Jace’s tongue as he pushes inside his boyfriend’s mouth, feeling Jace practically melt in his arms as Tyler kisses him over and over.

When the pull apart, they’re practically panting, and Tyler has to admit his jeans are a little tighter than they should be for so public a venue. It’s worth it though when he looks over at the bar and spots Niall fuming.

Tyler shoots him a wink and pulls Jace in for another kiss.