March Wrap Up

March has come and gone all too quickly for me, although I’m quite excited that April has arrived for a couple of reasons.

I’m going to be honest in that March hasn’t been great in terms of my mental health and my general tiredness/health. Life is quite stressful at the moment and trying to get a writing career of the ground, along with everything else, has been exhausting.

Still, I think I’ve done more than I realised. So without further ado, here are my March achievements:

  1. Finished the second draft of Breakaway, adding about 7k overall.
  2. Sent it to a few friends to beta read, which has been utterly terrifying! (I’m awaiting their feedback with baited breath.)
  3. Plotted all of book two and wrote a timeline.
  4. Started book two and wrote around 2.6k.
  5. Got stuck into my challenge fic. Although it’s not quite done yet, I wrote enough to submit at the check in.
  6. Did my first guest author interview with the amazing K M Neuhold, and lined up some great future guests too.
  7. Started my author Instagram page – it’ll be mostly food and cool book stuff, but why not come follow me?!

There may be a few other minor things (does my new addiction to Shadowhunters count?), but I’m actually really pleased with that. This is why these wrap ups are good because it actually puts physical proof in front of my brain – take that anxiety!

April is a super exciting time though because my best friend’s first book is out, Breakaway goes to my editor and my artist is starting on my cover. Plus I’d love to get my challenge fic finished and get stuck into book two before my edits come back – it’s all go!

What are your March achievements or April goals?