Guest Author Interview: Nora Phoenix & K M Neuhold

I’m ridiculously excited today because not only has Pixie, the final instalment of the bestselling Ballsy Boys Series, been released, but the amazing authors Nora Phoenix and K M Neuhold are here to talk about it!

1.What’s your process of co-writing? Do you each take a POV, or do you both write different chapters, or is it more of a blend? Do you Skype or work on a collab document?
K M Neyhold [K]: We each write a POV. Usually we plan out a book through messaging and by working on a shared Google Doc, neither of us are much for video chats lol. At the start of the process, there’s usually a lot of back and forth like “what if this happens?” Or “how about that?”, and then as it starts to unfold, we tend to start building off each other’s chapters and seeing where the story takes us.
Nora Phoenix [N]: What always amazes me is how in sync we are. We’ve rarely disagreed on anything. In fact, I can’t even remember a time when we wanted to go in different directions. Usually, we’re super in tune and we complement each other, so we’ll build on whatever idea the other one suggests. I love that.

2. What inspired you to write the Ballsy Boys series?
K: I honestly can’t remember the initial spark. We’d talked casually about co-writing something and then the idea of porn stars emerged and we both got super excited about it and the rest is history.
N: I think someone posted something in Kyleen’s group about porn stars and that we should write that trope, and we jumped on it right away. We had the main storyline plotted out within a day, I think.

3. Who’s been your favourite Ballsy Boy to write about? Any reason?
K: My personal favorite was Tank. I’m not sure why but I loved his gruff exterior with his mushy, sweet center. I loved the banter and heat between him and Brewer. I just loved him lol.
N: Oh, that’s a tough one. I think Bear may be my favorite, even though he’s technically not a Ballsy Boy. He’s so vulnerable underneath that hot silver bear exterior and so scared to love again after getting hurt.

4. Although Pixie is the final Ballsy Boy to get his HEA, would you consider writing other books in this universe?
K: Yes! We have spin-offs planned.
N: We’re nowhere near done, haha. We have so many ideas for more books. And we keep creating all these side characters that readers want to know more about, so we kinda have to write their stories as well…

5. Do you have a favourite trope or kink that you’ve been able to write about in this series?
K: My favorite trope to write is best friends to lovers, which there wasn’t an opportunity for in this series. And my favorite kink is puppy play, which we may work on together in the future 😉
N: I love me some enemies to lovers, so in that sense Tank was perfect. But I love me some daddy kink as well, so Pixie was an awesome story to write!

6. Did you know from the beginning who would end up with who at the start of the series, or has it been a case of working it out book-by-book?
We had all the couples/throuple planned from the start.
N: Yeah, we knew who was gonna end up with who, though in some cases we didn’t know more than the basics. Campy for instance, we knew that he was gonna fall for his roommate but we had no idea who Jackson was yet…or that he would be such a romantic sweetheart. I loved that, that we discovered all these amazing characters.

7. Pixie seems to have been popular throughout, at least he’s one of my favourites, what’s your favourite aspect of his character?
I love how cute and sweet he is. He inspires people to want to take care of him like a little puppy or something lol.
N: I love that he knows what he wants and is unashamed about it. Like, he wants a Daddy and he owns that. I love that.

8. We’ve only gotten to see hints of Bear’s character so far, can you tease us with a little more information about him?
K: Bring the tissues? Lol.
N: Bear is…complicated. He’s a man with a huge heart, and a string caring and protective instinct. But he’s also a man who’s gotten hurt in the past and has closed himself off from love. It’s gonna be quite the journey for him. And yes, tissues are advised, haha.

9. What came first with this series? The characters or the plots?
K: I think they came at the same time. We have a sheet where we wrote down all the guys’ nicknames, who they were paired with, and the trope for their story. It was sort of a flurry of excitement, so it’s hard to remember the order it was all written down in, lol.
N: In some cases we had very specific ideas about the characters. In other cases they were a little more secretive. Campy for instance didn’t show himself much until his book, and even then he was pretty closed off. Bear even more, I think. But in all cases, we knew the basic trope and plot we wanted to write. All we needed to do was be patient until the characters revealed themselves.

10. We’ve loved seeing you work together on the Ballsy Boys, would you collaborate again on another series?
K: Yes!! We love working together and this is definitely going to be a partnership that lasts long beyond Ballsy.
N: Hell yes, haha. We mesh so well that we have no intention of quitting this partnership, Besides, we all all these ideas for books we still want to write together!

Well, now I’m even more excited, if that’s even possible?! Thank you stopping by and answering all my questions.
Pixie is out now and you should 100% get yourself a copy asap!

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