Monthly Wrap Up: April/May/June

So… my promise to do these every month lasted a long time! The last time I wrote one was March and I’ve gotta say, quite a few things have happened since then.

I actually really like writing these little achievement lists, because they help remind me of all the cool things I’ve done – even if they’re just little things. Big or small they’re all worth remembering because they’re all steps along the road. Plus when I look back at the end of the year and think I didn’t do much this year or I can’t remember what I’ve done, they help add perspective.

So, here are my April, May and June achievements. I’ve stuck to mostly writerly ones, but there are a few personal ones too.

  1. Sent Breakaway to my editor, received my feedback and then worked through all of my edits to make it the best that it can be.
  2. Finished the whole of Breakaway, organised a release date, and shared my amazing cover by the fabulous Natasha Snow. You can find out more about Breakaway here or see the full cover reveal here.
  3. Set up my reader group, Charlie’s Angels – which you’re very welcome to join for cute guys and bookish shenanigans.
  4. Bought my first house *gasp* and got my very own writing space. It’s been amazing to have a desk of my own and I love tucking myself away there.
  5. Started on Book 2, which will be called Extra Time. I actually wrote about 20k, then realised the plot isn’t working so I’m in the middle of re-writing it and fleshing it out a lot more! It’s also already booked in for editing towards the end of this year so I have many words to write.
  6. Got to do some AMAZING author interviews with some of my favourite authors. It’s always fun to talk about their latest books, what advice they have and (of course) find out what their favourite dinosaur is!
  7. Started catching up on my reading and got to some great stories that I’d been saving for a while. I still have many, many books on my TBR but it’s a start. I also got back into listening to audio books and I’m loving them!
  8. Went on a work trip to the US – which was my very first time there – but while I out there I got the chance to meet my bestie Toby Wise in person! We had lots of hugs, lots of food and stayed up chatting about books and plots till 1am – it was perfect.
  9. Also I did some cool personal things; like trying chair dancing for the first time (so many bruises), went horse riding again and got back to baking cakes.

It’s actually been quite a busy few months – which probably explains why there are still many boxes I haven’t unpacked, but I’m super excited for July too. Not only does Breakaway get released, but it’s also my birthday and my second wedding anniversary, plus I’m going to see my sister in London and it’s my city’s pride event too.

Maybe in between all of that I’ll get a chance to write some words too…