Monthly Wrap Up: July

Given that it’s already August, I’m really starting to wonder where this year has gone! July seemed to pass in a blur, albeit a fun one, and I’m really looking forward to the next couple of months and all the cool things I’ve got coming up. 2019 has been a pretty great year so far!

Here are the things I got up to last month:

  1. Published Breakaway!
    My debut romance is now out in the world and it’s been amazing to see the response and hear so many of you say lovely things about it. It still doesn’t feel entirely real, but I’m sure it will as the months go on. If you’re looking for a sweet second chance romance with first times, football fun and a LEGO Millennium Falcon then this might be the book for you.
  2. Wrote over 27,000 words, and over 24,000 of those were on Extra Time. It’s coming on so well and I’m loving telling this story. Plus it meant I smashed my 25K Camp NaNo goal too. One day my goal is to write 30K in a month and that might be sooner than I think if I can keep this up.
  3. Interviewed the lovely Ana Newfolk and Isabelle Adler about their new releases – if you haven’t read their interviews yet, they’re definitely worth checking out and I can’t wait to read both of their books.
  4. Got to celebrate my birthday (and anniversary) with a super fun day at the zoo, plus lots of cake and good food too. I also got to go to Germany for my cousin’s wedding and hang out with my sister in London too! My weekends were a little crazy, but I had so much fun it was worth it.
  5. As part of my launch I did some great interviews and guest posts as part of a blog tour, and I got to do lots of Facebook takeovers and meet lots of awesome people. I truly love chatting to readers and they make everything worthwhile. You’re awesome!

That’s all for July, but it was a pretty hectic month. I’m kinda hoping August won’t be as all over the place, but I’m not convinced… still, if I can get some more words done then I’ll be happy. Plus I’ve already got some great books on my TBR and some fabulous authors dropping in as well.

Did you have a great July? What are you looking forward to in August?