Screens Apart is LIVE

I’m super excited to tell you that Screens Apart is now live in Kindle and KU! *fires confetti canon*

I loved writing this story so much – Taylor and Simon were so sweet and unique, as well as seriously sexy and adorable. I’m so happy that this story is finally out for everyone to enjoy.

So if you’re looking for a scorching summer read with a soft, muscular man, a bossy twink, roommates to lovers, panties, lingerie blogging, sexting, soft kink, marshmallow fluff and ALL THE SMUT – this might just be the book for you!

Simon has one secret and two problems.

The secret? An anonymous blog featuring satin and lace.

The problems? Two crushes. One on his gorgeous, charming roommate, Taylor. And another on his charismatic online admirer, Mr. Smith. 

 When Taylor suggests they start hooking up, Simon is more than happy to agree, even if it means putting a lid on his feelings. After all, no-strings fun is better than nothing at all, right?

 Except Simon’s not sure that lid will stay shut, especially when he starts to fall in love. But with Mr Smith in the same situation, advice is in short supply. 

 And there’s no chance Taylor and Smith are the same person… is there? 

 Screens Apart is a 55,000-word comedy of errors featuring panties, pining, and two men falling in love, complete with plenty of heat and fluffy feels. Originally released as a serial, this is the full collection with a new bonus epilogue. It contains no love-triangle and no cheating.

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PLUS: Want to see some fabulous artwork of Simon in his lingerie? Simply click here.

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Screens Apart is now available on Kindle and KU!