Author Spotlight: Skyler Snow

For today’s author spotlight, I’m very excited to have the wonderful Skyler Snow here with me. We’re chatting about their upcoming release, a love of Stephen King and exploring people and what makes them tick.

Over to you Skyler…

First things first, please introduce yourself!
Hi, I’m Skyler! Currently I live in sunny Arizona (I love the mountains!) with my kiddos and our two crazy cats Midnight and Emily. I have a love of really wholesome romance movies, cooking, and true crime shows.

Tell us a little bit about your writing style.
My writing style is best described as…chaotic. Lol. I tend to switch between styles depending on the genre. Drama, angst, a smart mouthed character, those are definitely trademarks of the way I write.

Describe your books in only three words.
That’s a hard one. Hmm I’d have to say sweet, humorous, kinky.

What’s your next book about and when is it coming out?
My next book is called Beautiful Boy and it comes out April 15th. It’s the next book in my Atlanta Daddies series with a gorgeous stripper boy and his straight (okay not so straight) bodyguard who’s acting as his caregiver. I really love Aaron and Red’s sweet dynamic and the real life issues that take place in this series. They’re all fluffy Daddy books, but not everything can be perfect and sweet in life, you know? 

Out of all your books, which one are you most proud of?
Broken Boy for sure. As lovely as Daddy books are I think they look over real life predators in the community. There was so much more I wanted to go into in this book, but it was getting really long and I had to reign it in lol. I love the idea that pain and healing can be helped with friends and that love isn’t a magic fix all, but it can be a comfort.

What or who (or both) has influenced you most as a writer?
The thing that influences me most is kink to be honest. Why? It’s such a great way to explore people and the things that can help them tick. Being in the BDSM community helped me learn so much about myself so I try to have that in my books. I’m also influenced by Hallmark movies and all the angsty books/shows/movies that I love to consume.

What inspired you to start writing?
I wanted to be a chef, but that didn’t work out. Lol. So, I started being a ghostwriter to help out a friend and make a little money. I quickly learned that I LOVED writing. Creating stories and worlds out of nothing? And people liked those stories? It was what I needed after years of ghosting to take the leap and create for myself. And I’m so glad that I did. To be fair, I wrote my first story when I was seven or eight and used to participate in NaNoWriMo every year. I’ve always loved bringing characters and stories to life.

What’s your writing process like? Do you have a typical “writing day”?
My writing days are all over lol. I’m chaotic. I usually try to write when my kiddos are asleep and the world has slowed down and is relatively quiet. Most nights I just sit right down, turn on a show I’ve seen a thousand times or a horror movie and get working! When my brain fizzles, I take a break or quit for the night. I just try to make it a habit to write every single day.

What comes first for you – the plot or the characters?
Both. Sometimes a great plot pops into my head and I have to create the characters and they’ll change throughout the story. Other times I’ll have a great character I want to use and I’ll build the plot around them.

What’s a book that you wish you’d written?
It’s not romance, but anything by Stephen King. Lol. He’s my favorite author in the world and his Dark Tower series is still dear to my heart. In fact it’s time for a re-read.

If you could only write one trope for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
Age gap. It’s one that tends to show up in ALL of my books and I just really love to explore the age difference of couples. Their differences or how sometimes they need that age gap for some reason or another. Maybe the older one needs to loosen up and the younger one needs a stable influence. I love exploring those themes.

What would be your three desert island books?
Stardust, The Dark Tower, Insomnia.

If one of your books could be made into a movie/TV series, which would you choose and who would you cast?
I would love to see my Broken Boy series made into a movie honestly. As for actors? I’m not great with names and actors, but I think for Layne I would cast Cole Sprouse. He has such an innocent look and his acting is really great. For Branson I would love Brock O’Hurn. He’s HUGE and that hair! Swoon~

What do you like to do when you’re not writing? Do you have a secret passion or hobby that we don’t know about?
When I’m not writing I’m a big gamer. I love to just sit back and settle into Skyrim or a relaxing farming game. I have a lot of interests and hobbies. I just wish I had more time!

Finally, what’s your favourite dinosaur?
Velociraptor! Solely because of the original Jurassic Park where they were all feral and bitey. I have no idea why!

SKYLER SNOW is the author of kinky, steamy MM books. Whether contemporary or paranormal you’ll always find angst, kink and a love that conquers all.

Skyler started off writing from a young age. When faced with the choice chef or author, author won hands down. They’re big into musicals, true crime shows, reality TV madness and good books whether light and fluffy or dark and twisted. When they’re not writing you can find them playing roleplaying games and hanging out with their kids. 

You can find more information about Skyler on their website, where you can also sign up for their newsletter, follow them on Bookbub, and join their Facebook group, Snow’s Angels for more updates.

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Skyler Snow drops in to chat about their upcoming release, a love of Stephen King and exploring people and what makes them tick.