Cover Reveal: Proficiency Bonus

Today I’m delighted to share the amazing cover for Proficiency Bonus, the third and final novel in the Roll for Love series, complete with a gorgeous Jason courtesy of Natasha Snow.

It’s the meet cute, bonding over Pokemon, friends to lovers story that Lewis and Jason deserve, complete with a fight for the perfect ending – which may or may not be me correcting some previous homophobic TV slights – sparklers, and some ridiculous Bear based RPG nonsense (the animal kind of bear rather than the sexy, gay kind).

There’s only a couple more weeks until Proficiency Bonus is released, but you can pre-order now so Jason and Lewis come direct to your Kindle on the 18th May, just check out the link below.

Proficiency Bonus

Coming 18th May 2021

Organising yourself is harder than it looks—Lewis may be a highly proficient PA for two very successful cosplayers, but that means nothing when you’re living at your parent’s house after yet another failed relationship and trying to find some stable ground.

Jason Lu, star of Celestials, is stuck between a rock and a hard place. When the show is cancelled and his character pigeonholed into a homophobic ending, Jason must choose whether to fall in line or break ranks. But one misstep will mean bumping heads with some powerful people.

Teaming up with the very cute guy he met at Comic Con seems like a natural first step and now Lewis and Jason must choose between heartbreak and justice. As they forge ahead, they realise there are no bonuses for navigating life’s challenges, instead they’ll just have to fight for what they believe in.

But sometimes overcoming the biggest hurdles yields the best results.

Proficiency Bonus is a 79,000-word contemporary MM romance featuring plushies, Pokémon, and a fight for the perfect ending. It is book three in the Roll for Love series and can be read as a standalone.

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See the cover, blurb and release day for the final Roll for Love book: Proficiency Bonus