Strawberry Kisses and Always Eli are now on Audio!

I’m very excited to announce that both Strawberry Kisses and Always Eli are now live on Audible!

They’ve both been brought to life by the amazing Dan Calley, who’ll be recording both series, and he’s done an incredible job. His Patrick is just absolutely perfect, and Eli is so snarky!

Plus both of them have now Whispersync’d so if you own the ebook, or download it through KU, you can add the audio for the discounted price of $7.49. Just remember to get the audio through Amazon, rather than Audible – it should just give you the option to add it on as long as your Amazon and Kindle accounts are synced.

Happy listening!

Strawberry Kisses

Cover by Natasha Snow

Patrick’s To Do List:
1. Tell family I’m gay
2. Make giant cake for anniversary party 
3. Convince Connor to be my fake boyfriend for the weekend 
4. Try to keep my hands off Connor
5. Make sure Connor doesn’t find out I’ve been in love with him for the last three years

Connor’s Steps for Success:
1. Perfect pole routine for Chrome Stars
2. Continue search for perfect music
3. Survive weekend with Patrick’s family without mauling him while sharing a bed
4. Prevent feelings from exploding like a glitter bomb
5. Make sure Patrick doesn’t find out I’ve been in love with him forever

Strawberry Kisses is a 78,000 word standalone, contemporary MM romance featuring a sweet pastry chef, sassy pole dancer, a nosy but loving family, fabulous make-up, fluffy feels, and copious amounts of cake.

Available on Audible

Always Eli

Cover by Natasha Snow

What happens when a sassy drag queen falls for his brother’s best friend?

Eli Baker needs a job. Drag isn’t paying the bills and the life of a starving artist isn’t as fun when he’s the one living it. Taking a temporary office job is meant to be a quick fix. It’s not supposed to reintroduce him to the funny, sharp, and sweet Tristan Rose… who just so happens to be Eli’s oldest brother’s best friend.

Eli can’t stand his brother, and the feeling is more than mutual. Getting involved with Tristan could mean family trouble, but Eli’s never been one for following the rules, especially when breaking them means annoying his brother.

Tristan is far too intriguing to ignore, especially when he takes an interest in Eli’s life outside the office. He’s not at all what Eli expects, and maybe that’s exactly what Eli needs. But if push comes to shove, will Tristan choose Eli over his best friend?

Always Eli is a 78,000-word contemporary MM romance featuring fabulous drag shows, secret biscuits, an office romance, and numerous siblings who can’t help getting involved. 

Available on Audible