Oh So Oscar Is Now Live!

Are you ready for a swoon-worthy slow burn with lots of heart and heat?

Because Oh So Oscar is now live on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited!

It’s got a prickly travel journalist, a sassy, sunshine photographer, an epic work-based miscommunication, a fake dating holiday to paradise, romantic stargazing, many only one bed scenarios, plus all of Oscar’s fabulous family who just can’t help getting involved in some way.

I’m can’t wait for you to meet Oscar and Ilias, and I hope you love them as much as I do. Plus Dan Calley has finished recording the audio already and it’s just going through proof, so keep an eye out for that coming very soon.

What happens when a prickly travel journalist falls for his fake boyfriend? 

Oscar Moore has two problems. One: He’s accidentally managed to convince his boss, the legendary editor of The Traveller, that he has a boyfriend. And two: he now has to persuade photographer and casual acquaintance, Ilias Verrati, to play along for a week-long couple’s retreat in Hawaii.

Ilias is full of sass and sunshine, but his constant flirting grates on Oscar. Unfortunately, unless Oscar wants to confess and risk his job, he has to keep up the ruse. He can manage a week, and if he can pull this off then editorial glory awaits. 

Oscar and Ilias both have their own reasons for avoiding relationships—even if they desperately want one—and their work makes finding love even more difficult, but maybe a fake relationship is just what they need to give them a nudge in the right direction. 

Under the Hawaiian sun, Oscar discovers there’s more to Ilias than meets the eye. But before Ilias will risk his heart, Oscar will have to find a way to open it. 

Oh So Oscar is a 78,000-word contemporary MM romance featuring fake dating, luxurious hotel rooms, star gazing, and delicious food. It also contains discussions of grief, including the past loss of a parent, and the past loss of a partner. 

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“I adore books by Charlie Novak for one big reason – they’re epically good. This is a book that you read and savor, not rush through.”

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