Coming Soon: Like I Wished

I’m very excited to share the cover and blurb for the second book in my Heather Bay series: Like I Wished.

If you’ve read Like I Promised you’ll have already met the quiet chemistry teacher, Noah, and the footballer turned baker (and golden retriever in human form), Spencer, and Wished is their story. 

I’ve had so much fun writing this super low angst, fluffy, cosy and sweet best friend’s brother romance. I think it will be just a giant hug in book form, complete with adorable ghost cupcakes, sexual revelations, gym-bro besties, and, of course, all the nosy friends you’ve met before. 

Like I Wished arrives on the 27th October on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited, with audio to follow soon. You can pre-order now to make sure Spencer and Noah arrive on release day, just check out the link below.

Like I Wished

Coming 27th October 2022

Dreaming about my best friend’s brother is one thing, him actually falling for me is another.

Baking cupcakes for the science department bake-off shouldn’t strike fear into the heart of chemistry teacher Noah, but his previous record hasn’t exactly been glowing. In an attempt to stave off another year in last place, Noah turns to the one man who might be able to help him: his best friend’s older brother, Spencer. 

Noah’s had a crush on the vibrant and sporty footballer turned baker for years, but the chances of anything happening between them are slim to none. Spencer is caring, funny, gorgeous… and totally straight. 

Spencer has never thought about dating men before, but after watching Noah lick buttercream off a whisk he’s suddenly realising he’s not as straight as previously thought. 

Revelations about his sexuality are one thing, but his footballing past being dragged into the present is another and Spencer isn’t sure which is more stressful. But he’s sure about one thing: he wants Noah in his life. Now all they have to do is figure out how to make their wishes come true. 

Like I Wished is a hot and heart-warming best friend’s brother contemporary MM romance featuring adorable ghost cupcakes, a bisexual awakening over biscuits, gate-crashed first dates, gym-bro besties, and lots of hot chocolate. 

It is book two in the Heather Bay series and while it can be read as a standalone, it’s best enjoyed as part of the series. 

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