Guest Author Interview: Kate Hawthorne & E.M. Denning

I am super excited because Kate Hawthorne and E.M. Denning’s are here to chat about their brand new novel, Future Ex Enemy, and I have been DYING to read this since they announced it! Enemies to lovers, there’s only one bed and florists in one book? Get on my Kindle right now! And you canContinue reading “Guest Author Interview: Kate Hawthorne & E.M. Denning”

Guest Author Interview: Isabelle Adler

Hello lovely people! It’s time for another author interview and today we have the fabulous Isabelle Adler here to chat about her new novelette, The Exile Prince, which is available now from NineStar Press. A voracious reader from the age of five, Isabelle Adler has always dreamed of one day putting her own stories intoContinue reading “Guest Author Interview: Isabelle Adler”

Guest Author Interview: Ana Newfolk

It’s finally July and summer is here! Today I’m very excited because the wonderful Ana Newfolk has dropped by to talk about Made in Lisbon, the fifth book in her ‘Made In’ series, which you can download right now! 1. What inspired you to write Made in Lisbon? Can you tell us a little moreContinue reading “Guest Author Interview: Ana Newfolk”

Monthly Wrap Up: April/May/June

So… my promise to do these every month lasted a long time! The last time I wrote one was March and I’ve gotta say, quite a few things have happened since then. I actually really like writing these little achievement lists, because they help remind me of all the cool things I’ve done – evenContinue reading “Monthly Wrap Up: April/May/June”

Cover Reveal: Breakaway

I’m super excited to be able to share with you the cover for my debut novel, Breakaway, which will be released on the 23rd July 2019. The cover has been designed by the amazing Natasha Snow, and I’m sure you’ll agree that she’s done a fantastic job! I’ve actually had this since the end ofContinue reading “Cover Reveal: Breakaway”

Guest Author Interview: E.M. Denning

Hello hello hello! It’s summer time and while the weather may not quite be hot (at least in the UK), today’s author knows how to bring the heat. It’s the fabulous E. M. Denning, who’s here to chat about her divine new release Never Enough, which you can download now! 1. What inspired you toContinue reading “Guest Author Interview: E.M. Denning”

Guest Author Interview: Spencer Spears

We’re kicking off June in style here at Novak Tower and what better way to start than with the fabulous Spencer Spears. He’s here to talk about his brand new book Wild Heart, and that cover alone has me ridiculously excited! 1. What inspired you to write Wild Heart? Can you tell us a little more aboutContinue reading “Guest Author Interview: Spencer Spears”