Guest Author Interview: Aimee Nicole Walker

Cover: Photograph by Wander Aguiar, Cover Art by Jay Aheer

With autumn sweeping in here in the UK, it’s the perfect time to curl up with a new book! Today, the lovely Aimee Nicole Walker is here to chat about her brand new romantic suspense novel, Ground Zero, which you can download now!

1. What inspired you to write Ground Zero? Can you tell us a little more about the story?
I wanted to challenge myself to step outside my comfort zone and write my passion. As much as I enjoy reading and writing contemporary romance, romantic suspense and mysteries are my passion. It’s what I choose to read, so why not write it? My Curl Up and Dye Mysteries were more romantic suspense than contemporary romance, but they lacked the gritty edginess I wanted to create. If not for the detailed sex and copious swearing, the Dye books would be cozies. 

2. What was the hardest scene to write?
Hmmmm. I don’t want to give away spoilers, which made the blurb so hard to write. One of the cases Royce and Sawyer investigated broke my heart, because I will never understand how people can hate so much.

3. What did you edit out of this book? Or really want to include but it just didn’t fit? 
I did remove a plotline that I’m saving for a future book in the series, but everything else stayed put.

4. What came first with Ground Zero, the characters or the plot? Is that the same for all your books?
The characters came first, and that is my process ninety percent of the time. For me, how can I build a plot if I don’t know who my characters are?

5. If we made Ground Zero into a movie, who would be your dream casting for Sawyer and Royce?
I am so horrible at this because I don’t watch a lot of television. I need a broody guy with dirty blond hair and a heart-melting, dark-haired guy. Let’s go with one of the Hemsworth brothers for Royce and the actor who played Jackson on The Originals for Sawyer. 

6. What behind-the-scene tidbit (about the characters, plot or writing process) would probably surprise your readers the most? 
I almost published this book under a different pen name. A part of me worried that readers wouldn’t take me serious as a mystery writer after five years of mostly contemporary romance. I was so proud of this book though and needed to claim it as my own.

7. What inspired you to start writing?
I’ve been writing off and on since I was thirteen. I wrote the little movies that played in my head, and now I write the books I want to read. 

8. What or who (or both) has influenced you most as a writer?
Many things and people have influenced me as a writer. I will admire one author’s ability to describe things so vividly I feel part of the novel, and it pushes me to do better in my own novels. I’ll notice how some authors are able to keep their stories tight without sacrificing storylines, and with others, I admire their ability to write epic dialogue. All those things push me to do better with my own stories. I also read craft books to help me grow technically as a writer.

9. As an experienced author, what do you have any advice or tips for new authors who are just starting out?
Never stop writing. That sounds so simple, but there are days when it’s the hardest thing to do. Never let anyone steal your passion.

10. What is your favourite childhood book?
My first love was Charlotte’s Web.

11. What do you like to do when you’re not writing? Do you have a secret passion or hobby that we don’t know about?
I’m addicted to diamond painting. I listen to podcasts or audiobooks while doing them, and the combination relaxes me better than any other hobby I’ve tried.

12. Finally, what’s your favourite dinosaur? 
My favorite dinosaur is the stegosaurus. 

Thank you so much for stopping by! I’m so excited to read this because it sounds amazing.
You can download Ground Zero now.

Ever since she was a little girl, Aimee Nicole Walker entertained herself with stories that popped into her head. Now she gets paid to tell those stories to other people. She wears many titles—wife, mom, and animal lover are just a few of them. Her absolute favorite title is champion of the happily ever after. Love inspires everything she does, music keeps her sane, and coffee is the magic elixir that fuels her day.

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