Coming Soon: Strawberry Kisses

I’m super excited to show of the title, cover, blurb and release date for my brand new novel, Strawberry Kisses.

It’s the best friends to lovers, fake dating, only one bed, soft pining, sweet virgin story that I couldn’t resist writing, plus it also comes with lots of cake, fluff, sweetness and some fabulous make up too! If you’ve read Screens Apart, you’ll already have met Connor and I knew he needed a happy ever after of his own.

Strawberry Kisses will be out at the start of November, and it’s available for pre-order now. Check out the link below.

Strawberry Kisses

Coming 12th November 2020

Patrick’s To Do List:
1. Tell family I’m gay
2. Make giant cake for anniversary party 
3. Convince Connor to be my fake boyfriend for the weekend 
4. Try to keep my hands off Connor
5. Make sure Connor doesn’t find out I’ve been in love with him for the last three years

Connor’s Steps for Success:
1. Perfect pole routine for Chrome Stars
2. Continue search for perfect music
3. Survive weekend with Patrick’s family without mauling him while sharing a bed
4. Prevent feelings from exploding like a glitter bomb
5. Make sure Patrick doesn’t find out I’ve been in love with him forever

Strawberry Kisses is a 78,000 word standalone, contemporary MM romance featuring a sweet pastry chef, sassy pole dancer, a nosy but loving family, fabulous make-up, fluffy feels, and copious amounts of cake.

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See the cover, blurb and release day for my next novel: Strawberry Kisses.